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Micro Soldering

Micro soldering is soldering microscopic electrical components.


Micro soldering services can be hard to find for an affordable price and trustworthy technicians.

Cellulars Sunny Isles technicians are trained to be experts at hand and automated micro soldering procedures using specialized machinery and equipment.

Micro soldering in cell phones is related to fixing the logic board or motherboard of the phone. 


The logic board or motherboard in a mobile phone is a complex component that is essentially the entire system's heart.

Micro Soldering Repairs 1

The following symptoms are related to a bad logic board.

  • Battery won't charge

  • Phone won't turn on

  • Random crashes 

  • Phone botting (stuck on Apple logo)

  • -Poor Responsive or touch problems

  • -Signal failures 

 …. just to name a few

The logic board's components are tiny and easily damaged or removed during bumps, drops, or inadequate procedures in changes of parts, flex screens, and others. Another major cause of logic board death is water damage. Also, alternative chargers are another common cause for logic board failure

No matter what the fault is, the chances are we can fix it for you as we have repaired thousands of devices

Our commitment is to fix the devices that would have been otherwise un-fixable and help you gain access to your precious data trapped on nonfunctional devices. (iPhones, iPad, and computers)

We also offer Wholesale Micro- Soldiering Repairs. Let us be your back of house support!

Our most common micro soldering repairs are:


  • iPhone 6/6s Plus Touch IC Disease

  • iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus No Backlight / Half Backlight

  • iPhone 6/6 Plus /6s /6s Plus Front/Back Camera no Responding

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus /8/8 Plus /X  No Charging / No Power

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus Audio IC (no speaker)

  • iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max / Face Id Issues

  • iPhone / iPad FPC Connector Repair

  • iPhone Water Damage Data Recovery

  • iPad Touch

and many more...

Apple Certified Technician
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